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Crawljax Gets a Face Lift. Web UI in 3.5

We just released Crawljax 3.5 and with it comes a web interface for Crawljax. It supports all the major functionality of crawljax such as adding/editing crawl configurations, installing plugins, viewing crawl logs in real time and displaying plugin output. Kudos to the developers, @jeremyhewett and @ryansolid. To run it, simply unzip the web distribution archive and run the command java -jar crawljax-web-3.5-SNAPSHOT.jar. You can customize the port and output directory using -p and -o arguments. Here are some screen-shots of the web interface in action. More usage tutorials will follow.

"Crawljax Web UI Home" Crawljax Web UI Home – You can start by adding a ‘New Configuration’ as shown

"Edit Configuration Page" ‘Edit Configuration’ Page

"Add Plugin Page" ‘Add Plugin’ Page

"Crawl Status Log" Crawl status log with real-time updates

"Crawl Overview Output" Output of the Crawl Overview plugin

Also in release 3.5:

  • Deprecated the malfunctioning DomChangeNotifierPlugin. Introuced StateVertexFactoryl. #347
  • Better PhantomJS support. Tests run on PhantomJS by default.
  • Switched from URL’s to URI’s for better performance. #322

You can download the release from our GitHub project site.